The main lib is the file.

So far, we have the following main functions:

TGC control


    def set_HILO(self, val):

Sets a gain on HI or LO values (7db difference, from AD8331).


    def set_dac(self, val, channel='A', gain=1, shutdown=0, mem=None):

The function for setup DAC value. Parameters val, channel, and gain setup the DAC value, channel for write and gain respectivelly. Parameter shutdown perform shutdown mode of the DAC. Parameter mem setup the memory cell for the DAC values during acquisition. For setup the common DAC value (which applyes not during acquisition) type Nono into the mem parameter or dont initialize it. For setup one of memory cells for the DAC value during acquisition set into mem parameter a cell address. Cells into memory have a word addressing from 0 to 15. These 16 values will applied during acquisition sequentially from 0 to 15 after the constant period (512 samples).

Pulser control

    def set_waveform(self, pdelay = 1, PHV_time = 1, PnHV_time = 1, PDamp_time = 1):

Reading the signal once acquired

    def read_signal_through_spi(self):
    def read_signal_through_i2c(self):

Capturing the signal

    def capture_signal(self):

Calculating and reading the filtered signal

    def calc_fft(self):
    def read_fft_through_spi(self):