What I want to do 

Become the RaspberryPi of open-source ultrasound hardware 

What I have

  • Been selling hardware since 2017: know-how in terms of design, prototyping, review, production, sales  
  • Two existing board designs and corresponding python libs
  • Documentation, along with an exhaustive research log
  • Existing users - and access to ultrasound research labs, as well as ultrasound startups (~50+ users, including ~10 academic labs, ~10 startups, ~10 SMEs)
  • An ecosystem (academics, private, researchers, students, suppliers, …)
  • A series of published articles on open-ultrasound
  • A collection of old (mostly) mechanical probes
  • Knowledge of the FPGA toolchain and its key actors  

What I am looking for

  • Grow: Have more users, and enlarge the users/contributors community (documentation, hardware, software), diversify the FPGA contributors base 
  • Learn: Improve users feedback
  • Work together: Partners to improve the design and documentation, with ad-hoc technical support (HV!)
  • Coconstruct: People developing their own ultrasound research platform
  • Suppliers: diversify PCBA and piezo suppliers
  • Innovate: Explore more complex (still within open-tool chain) FPGAs, build on single element hardware to start 8-elements arrays
  • Share: Improve a library of fpga signal processing toolss