Source experiment

  • Tip: reaching 128msps

Playing with the trigger, it’s possible to interleave two signals and artificially double to acquisition speed, yielding clean images.


The usual fixed target. But code has changed.

x.setNLines(1)				            # Setting the number of lines
x.setMultiLines(False)				    # Multi lines acquisition	
x.setMsps(0) 					    # Acquisition Freq
for k in range(10):
    A = x.setTimings(200,100,2000,25000+5*k,105000) # Settings the series of pulses
    #print A
    # Do the acquisition
    x.JSON["data"] = x.doAcquisition()
    x.JSON["N"] = x.JSON["N"] + 1



In detail

It seems that the different series interleave quite nicely, even in the detail.