Source experiment

  • Tip: reaching 128msps

Playing with the trigger, it’s possible to interleave two signals and artificially double to acquisition speed, yielding clean images.

The version used for this is the GPIO firmware, but it is natively integrated in the usb version of the firmware.


The usual fixed target. But code has changed.

x.setNLines(1)				            # Setting the number of lines
x.setMultiLines(False)				    # Multi lines acquisition	
x.setMsps(0) 					    # Acquisition Freq
for k in range(10):
    A = x.setTimings(200,100,2000,25000+5*k,105000) # Settings the series of pulses
    #print A
    # Do the acquisition
    x.JSON["data"] = x.doAcquisition()
    x.JSON["N"] = x.JSON["N"] + 1



In detail

It seems that the different series interleave quite nicely, even in the detail.