A small core to play with micropython on the lit3rick


Check the content in the repo. To install board the SoC and the firmware, execute the following commands (once the lit3prog program is installed):


and to connect

sudo picocom -b9600 /dev/ttyS0


Logging in being like:

Configuration notes

On RPi4, serial needs to be activated, but not to get a shell to the Pi, using raspi-config. Then, to activate UART 5, one needs to add the following to /boot/config.txt :

` enable_uart=1 dtoverlay=uart5 `


  • Miodrag Milanović for his awesome work on the fpga101 workshop (one of my first time playing with a lattice =) ).
  • Claire Wolf - for the picorv32 but most of all for all that goes with it =)
  • Bogdan - thanks mate!